Collection of Landmarks Around The World Coloring Pages

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Collection of Landmarks Around The World Coloring Pages –  A landmark is a famous site, building or statue that has historical significance. For example. India is famous for a symbol of eternal love, Taj Mahal. You are as parents have to give a lesson about  National historic sites and historic parks for your children. We will help your children to learn about landmarks around the world with fun activities. One of them is we provide collection of landmarks around the world coloring pages. Landmarks coloring page is a fun way to learn more about historical places that are considered to be culturally significant.

You know it is lower cost than you and your kids visit to the landmarks to learn about history from there. But, it’s more exciting and fun to visit a historical monument or cultural heritage site while you can give pictures of them for your kids and they will coloring them. It’s one of the best ways to get your kids excited about learning geography, explore the history and a wealth of general life skills. Here are we provide collection of landmarks around the world coloring pages. They are Taj Mahal in India, Pyramids and Sphinks in Egypt, US Capitol Building, Merlion in Singapore, Monas in Indonesia, Blue Mosque in Turkey, Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben Clock Tower in London, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, St. Basil’s in Moscow, and Opera House in Sidney Australia.


Taj Mahal, India


Sphinks, Egypt


US Capitol Building


Merlion, Singapore


Monas, Indonesia


Blue Mosque, Turkey


Pyramids, Egypt


Eiffel Tower, Paris


Big Ben Clock Tower, London


Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy


St. Basil’s, Moscow


Statue of Liberty, New York


Opera House, Sidney Australia



Lego statue of liberty coloring page

Collection of landmarks around the world coloring pages offer you best deal in providing the learning activity for your children in lower cost. You can choose and print them by yourself rather than visit the places that is more expensive. The coloring pages are suitable for kindergarten, primary, and pre-school children. Happy enjoy and fun to learn about their history and how they came to be recognized as important historical sites, natural, or cultural.

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