Autumn Coloring Pages, A perfect activity for Kids During The Harvest Season

Sunday, October 23rd 2016. | Season coloring pages | – Most parents celebrate all sorts of traditional autumn activities in growing collection of autumn coloring pages for kids. And every one agrees that autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. Most kids love the season and all that comes with it: swooshing through piles of leaves and chilly puddles, love to watch the colors change that leaves turn golden yellow and red, jumping in the big leaf piles, hunting for conkers or catching leaves as they fall from the trees, munching on freshly picked apples, taking trips to the apple orchards and sniffing the colder air and the waft of bonfires. That’s why most kids totally adore this enchanting season!.

These Autumn coloring pages are a great way to help your child celebrate the fall. This is a perfect activity for kids during the harvest season. As the days are getting cooler they’re going to start needing more inside projects and these autumn coloring pages are a great place to start.

There are all kinds of fun fall time images on these fall coloring pages. Your kids will find photos of fall leaves, trees, apples, scarecrows, pumpkins, plus pictures of kids and families having fun outside.

If you’re looking for a quick way to decorate for fall, just print these fall coloring pages out and make your kids do all the work. Don’t worry, they’ll love it!

Here is a small collection of free printable autumn coloring pages for your kid, including some detailed pictures and scenes from the fall season.

There’s a huge list of free fall coloring pages at Preschool Coloring Book!


Although most of the fall coloring pages here are geared towards the preschool crowd, older kids will also have a great time coloring in the pictures of corn, trees, leaves, pumpkins and scarecrows.




You’ll find a great bunch of fall coloring pages at Activity Village.


There are simple fall coloring pages here that include pictures of fruit and then also more detailed ones that include wonderful fall scenes.


There are a lot of fall coloring pages at Print Activities that your child will love!. Print out these fall coloring pages today and you’ll keep the kids busy for hours coloring away.



Autumn is all about leaves falling everywhere. You will see leaves on the lawn, in the gutter and on the rug.

  • The fall leaves get stuck at the bottom of the shoes, taking them into the house.
  • This is a coloring sheet of the fall leaves.
  • Ask your child to color these leaves in classic fall colors like green, brown, red and even orange to show the color they take during the autumn months.









These printable fall coloring pages are a colorful way to celebrate the season and are ideal for kids of all ages. Even the teachers can use these autumn coloring pages as part of a fun autumn classroom activity or parents can use these fall coloring pages as part of a happy village activity . You can also print these coloring pages to make a coloring book.

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