Beautiful Cinderella Coloring Pages for Girls

Sunday, September 18th 2016. | disney coloring pages |

Cinderella is one of folklore that every child is allured. Cinderella has been reproduced in books, school texts and even in the form of a movie that greatly attract the child mind. Cinderella is very much popular. The changing of the poorly treated girl into a beautiful princess, Cinderella enchants for the young and the old alike.

The magical story of Cinderella has the ability to girls! If you are as parent and you have a girl, trying to make coloring an interesting activity for your girl, then giving them some beautiful Cinderella coloring pages to inspire them more. Cinderella coloring pages are now available in printable pages in different pictures such as Cinderella and the Prince Down the stairs, Cinderella style wedding gowns, Cinderella in front of mirror, Cinderella with her shoes, and many more . Some of them stand by themselves in a page, but some more include two or more characters in a page such as Cinderella and a Prince, Cinderella and Mice, and more.











If your girls is besotted with Cinderella, humor her love for the pretty princess then allow her to color these beautiful Cinderella coloring pages in vibrant colors. If you have any fond memories of your girls coloring pages, do share them!