Hercules Coloring Pages for Boys

Friday, September 23rd 2016. | disney coloring pages |

Does your boys take immense interest in Greek mythology? If yes, Is Hercules’ one of his favorite Greek heroes? Then we have some collections related to Hercules that will make your boys jump with joy. Hercules is actually the Roman name for Heracles, the Greek divine hero. Hercules is known for his strength as well as far-ranging adventures. The Romans adapted on the Greco-Greek mythology hero for their art and literature. Hercules is the son of Zeus, whom Hades had kidnaped when he was a baby. Hades forced Hercules to live with the mortals as half-human and half-God. At the age of 16, Hercules had to perform a rite of passage to prove him worthy of the kingship. He prepares for the journey with his satyr sidekick, Phil.

Some Collection of Hercules Coloring Pages

Here are nine Hercules coloring sheets from the disney “Hercules”. The coloring pages include the principal characters like Hercules, Meg, Pegasus, and much more. Boys would surely love to color this old-day ‘superhero’ coloring books.



Physical Description of Hercules

Hercules is one of the strongest classic Disney heroes. Hercules is not an intelligent fellow. But he makes up for his lack of brain with his compassion and desire to do good for the people. He is a muscular and handsome God with blue eyes and orange hair. He wears a tank armor tunic with a blue cape. Have your child paint this robust hero in any color that he likes.
















We hope you liked our compilation of nine printable Hercules coloring pages. Print out all the coloring sheets and make a coloring book for your boys. He will gleam with happiness seeing his favorite disney’s characters in different poses of their hero. Who is your boy’s most favorite from these coloring sheets of Hercules?