28 Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages (Hijaiyah Arabic Fonts)

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Coloringpagesfortoddlers.com – Arabic Alphabet coloring pages make a fun learning activity to help teach the letter Alif to Ya (Arabic font) beginning how to write and sound it!. They will know how to sound the same letter shape such as a “b” sound when one dot is placed below (ب), a “t” sound when two dots are placed above (ت), or a “th” sound when three dots are added above (ث). and they will learn how to write it on the sheet of papers.

The History of Arabic Alphabet (Hijaiyah Fonts)

Although Arabic inscriptions are after first attested in its classical form in the 7th century (the birth of Islam), the origin of the Arabic alphabet can be traced to be located deeper in time.. When Islam come in large parts of Africa and Western and Central Asia, as well as in ethnic communities in East Asia, Europe, and the Americas, the Arabic alphabet is one of the most widespread writing systems in the world.

It is thought that the Arabic alphabet is a derivative of the Nabataean variation that established a kingdom in what is modern-day Jordan from the 2nd century BCE, which descended from the Phoenician alphabet, which among others gave rise to the Hebrew alphabet and the Greek alphabet (and therefore the Cyrillic and Roman alphabets).

Arabic is written and read from right to left. There is no distinction between upper- and lowercase letters, though shapes of letters usually vary depending on whether they are in an initial, medial, or final position in a word. Punctuation marks were not adopted until the twentieth century. Short vowels, represented by a set of marks below or above the letters, aid in the pronunciation of a word—these are usually only written in the Qur’an, where correct recitation is important, and in texts for novice readers.

28 Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages (Hijaiyah Arabic Fonts)

The final part is 28 simple alphabet coloring page with tashkeel (vowel markings). We suggest that when you ask your child to color this page in, you may find it helpful to encourage the use of 3 different colors – one color for each of the separate vowel markings. For example, all the fathas perhaps in blue, all the kessrahs in pink and all the dummahs in yellow whatever colors your child likes. By separating each vowel into one colour it may help the child to recall the sound each makes (ah ee oo).

You can print these 28 Arabic Alphabet coloring pages in A4 size to use as a poster display, or to make flashcards simply adjust your printer settings to print multiple pages on one sheet. Choose how many you want on one sheet to determine the size you’d like! (for example, print 2 pages to a sheet for A5 letters, or 4 to a sheet for A6 etc).


Baa and Taa coloring and writing pages



Thaa and Jeem Arabic Font Coloring and Writing Pages



Haa and Khaa Arabic Font Coloring and Writing Pages



Daal and Dhaal Arabic Hijaiyah Coloring and Writing Pages


Raa and Zain Arabic Letter Coloring and Writing Pages


Seen and Sheen Arabic Alphabet coloring and writing pages


saad and daad arabic font coloring and writing pages



Taa’ and Dhaa’ Arabic Alphabet coloring and writing pages



‘ayin and ‘ghayn Arabic Alphabet coloring and writing pages


Faa and Qaaf Arabic Alphabet coloring and writing pages



Kaaf and Laam Arabic Alphabet coloring and writing pages



Meem and Noon Arabic Alphabet Coloring and Writing Pages



Haa and Waow Arabic Alphabet coloring pages



Yaa’ and Hamzah Arabic alphabet coloring and writing pages




28 Arabic Alphabet coloring and writing pages


In addition to, we provide each letter of the Arabic alphabet in one page to itself such as Alif for Anaanaas, Qaaf for Qirdun, Kaaf for Kitaabun etc. These designs show an abundance of creativity and design styles, and they will delight kids and adults.



Alif for Anaanaas arabic alphabet coloring pages


Thaa for Thu’baan Arabic Alphabet Coloring Pages




raa for rumaan arabic alphabet coloring pages



qaf for qird arabic alphabet coloring pages



kaaf for kitaabun arabic alphabet coloring pages



Noon for Nakhla arabic alphabet coloring pages


Indeed, in selecting 28 Printable Arabic Alphabet coloring pages for kids, exactly it will be fun in learning activities to know how to sound Arabic fonts. Please, print these great collections of Arabic Alphabet coloring pages to help early teach how to read Quran in your class if you are a teacher.

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