Native American Day Coloring Pages

Thursday, October 29th 2015. | event coloring pages |

American Indian Heritage Day, also known as Native American Heritage Day, recognizes the native American heritage, history and contributions. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States. But, it’s different at the California State Capitol. In California State, the American Indian Heritage Day is held annually on the 4th Friday of each September. Some states recognize the Native American Heritage Day as a legal holiday.

What the kids can do on Native American Day?.

This day also encourages the kids in kindergarten or preschool to educate students about the history, achievements, and contributions of Native Americans by providing classroom instructions and activities, such as Native American Day Coloring Pages. The following are some activities of Native American when they came first with traditional and contemporary Native American clothing,  you can print Native American Day Coloring Pages and ask your kiddos to make it beautiful by adding certain colors on those pages.

American Indian Day Coloring Pages

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