Top 14 Genie Magic Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages

Monday, February 13th 2017. | nickelodeon coloring pages | – A coloring page with chunky crayons starring Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shine! Perfect for girls and boys ages 3 to 7. Boom Zahramay! Shimmer and Shine is Nickelodeon’s magical animated children’s program featuring the madcap adventures of genies-in-training Shimmer and Shine. These two twins grant wishes for their best human friend Leah and show preschoolers that things are always better when you work together.

If you feel your kid is interested in art and can enjoy some coloring sessions, go ahead and save these Shimmer and Shine coloring pages printable for your kid today. These are fun and interesting and can be a good way for your kid to learn a thing or two about his favorite Shimmer and Shine character.

Shimmer and Shine characters are famous amongst kids, and there is something for everyone, right from younger kids, pre-schoolds and teens. So without much ado, get your kid started with these Shimmer and Shine coloring books.

It is not only for kids we provide fun coloring activities, but also for adults. Parents need to relieve stress too, so we created an exclusive Shimmer and Shine adult coloring books. Just print these page, grab a few colored pencils, and start to feel the Zahramay zen.

Top 14 Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages

The story of Shimmer and Shine focuses on a young girl named Leah, who is friends with a pair of twin genies named Shimmer and Shine. Leah’s genies grant her 3 wishes every day, but they often mess up. The character of Leah and his friends are:
Shimmer – An optimistic genie with blue eyes and pink hair. She is enthusiastic and encouraging. She loves cleaning, glitter, and collecting genie bottles.

Shine – A courageous genie with purple eyes and blue hair. She is an animal lover and is often hungry. Due to her love of animals she is very knowledgeable about various animals and magical creatures native to Zahramay Falls such as Zoomicorns and dragons.

Leah – A blonde girl with green eyes. She is best friends with Shimmer and Shine. Although Shimmer and Shine usually mess up her wishes, Leah is patient and forgiving with them.

These Shimmer and Shine coloring pages are taken from Print so kids can color before they put on their Shimmer or Shine costume and head out for a night of trick-or-treating!



Colorful Shimmer and Shine Coloring Book



Nick Jr coloring book



Shimmer and Shine Coloring Book for kids



Shimmer and Shine coloring page for adults



Shimmer and Shine coloring page printable



Shimmer and Shine Coloring Page to print



Shimmer and Shine Halloween Theme coloring page



Shimmer and Shine Nickelodeon Nick Jr Coloring Book



Shimmer and Shine Nick JR coloring sheet for adults



Shimmer dancing coloring page



Shimmer poses Nick Jr coloring sheet



Shimmer Shine Nick Jr Coloring Sheet



Shimmer Spring time coloring page



Shine Nik Jr Spring Time coloring book

With this Shimmer and Shine Coloring Pages Printable, you can help your kids to learn about hues. It is better if you get them coloring pencils instead of any other tools. So these were some of the coloring pages based on Shimmer and Shine’s popular cartoon. Coloring is a fun activity for kids. It can help to develop their motoric skill when your kid colors about things he has already seen or knows.

We hope you liked our collection of printable Shimmer and Shine coloring pages. You can also make your kid’s own Shimmer and Shine coloring book. Do share and give a comment to your kid’s work after he has colored these. Till then, happy fun coloring!

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