Advent Wreath Coloring Page for Your Little One

Thursday, February 2nd 2017. | Religion coloring pages | The Internet is rich with advent wreath activities of all sorts and kids. One of them is Advent wreath coloring page. Kids can use these printable Advent wreath page to color about Advent and learn what the circle of the Advent wreath represent and other questions.

The Advent wreath, or well known as Advent crown, is a Christian tradition that symbolizes the passage of the 4-week period prior to Christmas. Or we can make vocabulary words so kids easy to understand the meaning of advent wreath. The following is the definition for every word.

  • Advent- from the Latin word adventus meaning arrival, is the four week period leading up to Christmas, beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day, the season of the church year during which Christian prepares for Christ’s coming
  • Wreath- a hollow circular arrangement of flowers or greenery used as a decoration

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Advent wreath coloring book to print



Advent Wreath Christmas coloring page



Advent wreath Christmas Candle coloring page



Advent wreath coloring book in church



Advent wreath coloring page for Christmas



Advent wreath coloring sheet to print



Candle advent wreath coloring page to print



Printable advent wreath coloring page


You’ll want to save these Advent wreath coloring page ideas and have fun with your little ones or your students!

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