Immaculate Conception Coloring Pages

Tuesday, February 28th 2017. | Religion coloring pages | – For this oppurtunity, we came out with at the start of Catholic activities is this Immaculate Conception coloring page. It helps explain the true meaning of the Feast day to kids. Symbolism in these coloring picture includes Mary in the womb of St. Anne (wearing her signature veil).

Catholics around the world celebrate another beautiful feast day, the Feast Day of Mary’s Immaculate Conception on December 8. What does this mean? Most Catholics and non-Catholics mistakenly think that the day refers to Jesus being conceived in the womb of Mary. This is a mistake!. The feast day actually refers to Mary being conceived in the womb of St. Ann without original sin. Point out that Catholics think of Mary as someone who has a blessed place in relationship to Jesus and that, Catholics often ask Mary to help them grow closer to her son, Jesus.

However, as kids will grow older, choosing to teach them about the truth of Catholic faithful in a fun, will help kids to stay engaged and enthusiastic about their Catholic education. We provide a collection of Mary’s Immaculate Conception coloring pages as a learning material for kids or students in class.



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You’ll want to save and print these Immaculate Conception Coloring Pages and have fun with your kid or students!