USA Flag Coloring Page and Her History for Students

Saturday, January 21st 2017. | Symbol coloring pages | – June 14th is United States of America Flag Day and even though Flag Day isn’t the biggest patriotic day it’s still a great excuse to teach a colorful history and interesting evolution as well explain how important a role the US Flag for American. Flag Day, June 14, is suitable day for students to honor and learn about the “Stars and Stripes”. Education brings you as a teacher to make some fun Flag Day activities to help your students enjoy this star-spangled day. One of them is USA Flag Coloring Page for Students.

You can also teach other nation flags beside American flag. Instruct to your students taking some time to look at world flags. It will be an interesting activity. For first time, students just are asked to explain what the flag represents is a great start. And then, make available to your students a variety of world flags and have them take a survey of the colors in those flags. Ask your students to make a list of all the colors that are used and which are most popular. Why do they think that some colors are used most often? Why are other colors not used?. This activity is to encourage your students excited the flag coloring page.

The USA flag uses the colors red, white and blue because of her historical relationship with Great Britain. The stripes show the thirteen original colonies and the stars symbolize each of the current states. The design of the USA flag has changed over time to represent the changes in the number of states that are part of the union. Challange your students what they know about their original flag and encourage to brainstorm and discussion among your students. We share several USA Flag coloring pages that available to you, and you can choose one or more that are most appropriate to your class.

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US Flag coloring page to print


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