Sailor Moon Coloring Pages for Young Girls

Tuesday, November 15th 2016. | Uncategorized | – Sailor Moon was my favorite character in TV show when I was a kid. I used to watch it when I was 5. To give you an idea, Sailor Moon is like Cutie Honey, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Power Rangers, Barbie and Disney Princess all rolled into one. Sailor Moon and her scouts are fantastic role models for young girls. They use there magical powers to defeat monsters and protect love and justice. The transformation sequences does imply that they are naked, but nothing is showing, more somewhat silloetted sans eyes and facial features. Nothing dirty or anything like that is what I’m trying to say. To make a long story short, if you love magical girl anime, definately check out Sailor Moon. Before your girls watch this sailor moon character, I suggest to try these Sailor Moon Coloring Pages. Try to predict what colors Sailor Moon’s outfits.

By Sailor Moon Coloring Pages, you can teach that there is nothing burdonsome about feminity, and gives girls strength without making them harsh, overbearing, cruel, violent, or manly. Finding Sailor Moon in coloring page may be a little difficult sometimes, thus you can find online Sailor Moon coloring pages to print by your own. They are available in both cartoon like in TV Show and Chibi Sailor Moon-like looks. The cartoon ones are proportional when Sailor Moon transformed, while the Chibi Sailor Moon is in smaller body sometimes the head is bigger than the body.







These coloring pages can be found on internet. Some of them are free, but some need payment first. The Sailor Moon coloring pages to print are available in different options. The coloring pages can be printed on computer directly by using tools on your browser, but make sure that you choose the right resolution and high quality of the picture to provide best quality coloring pages for your young girls.


















Sailor Moon coloring pages to print offer you best deal in providing the learning activity for your young girls in lower cost. You can choose and print them by yourself and then make a coloring book. It’s cheaper than you buy coloring book in bookstore or mall. These Sailor Moon coloring pages are suitable for primary, kindergarten, and pre-school children.