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Hello coloring lovers!. You are welcome to Coloring Page Printable online. If you are looking for blogs giving coloring file like vintage old fashion pictures, then you will find it so many. Whether you are big fans of vintage style or you do want to introduce this dover fashion to your sweetheart, Vintage Old Fashion Dress Coloring Pages can be an ideal worksheet to choose from. Superbly rendered illustrations, adapted from a rare nineteenth-century fashion magazine, provide authentic views of evolving Victorian modes of apparel — from lace-edged necklines and elongated bodices to fitted bonnets and extravagant bustles.

A lovely collection that offers an authentic glimpse of what well-dressed ladies and youngsters of the Victorian era were wearing, this is a must-have for coloring book fans, costume designers, and cultural historians.


Old Fashion Dress Coloring Page Printable

8 illustrations depict lavish dresses and gowns of velvet and damask; smart riding outfits trimmed with braid and gilt; an elegant cashmere shawl, children’s outfits; as well as hair ornaments, footwear, and other accessories.

This wonderful coloring book gives the chance to do up these beautiful dresses, gowns and children’s clothes in colors. This is a coloring book for adults to let your color imagination soar. All of his illustration stuff are very inviting to a colored pencil. You can color and daydream all at once.

A feast of opulent styles for colorists and fashion devotees, this entertaining and informative coloring book features a grand array of the sumptuous clothing style of the Victorian era. Each page offers a captivating glimpse of the gloriously embellished gowns of this bygone age. In the years shortly before the Civil War, many Southern plantation owners and their families “summered” in the cooler climate of the northern states, often along the New England coast. These journeys frequently included side trips to New York, Boston, or Philadelphia to replenish the family’s wardrobes with the latest fashions. The particularly wealthy occasionally went to Europe, returning home with stylish apparel from London or Paris.
A dazzling array of elaborate, narrow-waisted, full-skirted gowns follows. The ensembles, trimmed with all manners of lace, tassels, ribbons, and bows, feature dainty accessories such as flowered and feathered bonnets, fans, kid gloves, and parasols. Outfitted for riding, swimming, walking, and visiting, the well-dressed ladies occasionally appear with gentlemen in formal suits or smartly attired children.

Clothing worn during this period by members of antebellum society conveyed a distinct glamor and elegance. Included are walking costumes, evening gowns, morning and afternoon dresses, and wedding dress for women, as well as suits, vests, trousers, and handsome military uniforms for the men.
Descriptive captions accompany illustrations in an attractive coloring book that will not only please coloring book fans, but will also be of use to costume historians and designers.