Historic American Landmark Coloring Pages Dover History

Thursday, May 11th 2017. | Building Coloring Pages |

Hi coloring lovers!. Most people have interested in painting and coloring and even considerably more. Historic American Landmark Coloring Pages help you to discover historical highlights and opportunities for adventure in United States. In addition, coloring will manage your stress in a fun activity, creative, and a therapeutic method. As we know, there is a list of all about dover history coloring pages that are ready to color, and also displayed on your room when you finished to color.

This interesting collection of easy-to-color drawings takes you on adventuring journey during which you’ll visit famous, man-made landmarks—from the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor to the Pearl Harbor Memorial in Hawaii.


Mount Rushmore South Dakota Coloring Page

Along the way you can stop and color images of:

  • the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia
  • Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s stately Virginia home
  • Mount Rushmore in South Dakota
  • the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
  • the Lincoln Memorial
  • the Jefferson Memorial
  • the Washington Monument
  • White House

Historic American Landmark Coloring Pages make an excellent teaching resource. These coloring pages is good for elementary school children to reinforce what they have learned or add to their curiosity about the world they live in.

We share collection of coloring pages that shows off the fun and culture of America’s most iconic locales. Color the historic landmarks of America with over over sixty detailed designs of memorable scenery and experiences. From Liberty Bell to Washington monuments, and the others, experience the charms of America as if you were actually there, while enjoying hours of coloring.