5 Steps to Improve Coloring Skills for Kids

Wednesday, May 30th 2018. | Tips |

I used to think there were no guiding rules to coloring which is why I kind of disliked it but they are at least a few I found out later on in life to improve coloring skills for kids.

Setting Up a Simple Color Wheel

Primary Colors in Color Wheel

Primary Colors in Color Wheel

We need to have a better understanding of colors. We need to have a simple concept of how to organize colors during the last art history colors have been divided in primary and secondary colors the so called yellow, red, blue color scheme primary colors were considered to be kind of like building blocks.

secondary colors for kids

secondary colors for kids

When you mix two of the primary colors like for instance yellow and red you get the color orange. If you mix the color red with blue you get the color purple. And mixing the color blue and yellow creates green. So colors can be categorized into the primary colors red, blue, and yellow and the secondary colors orange, purple, and green. If you organize these six colors along a color wheel you will start to see a relationship between the primary and secondary color school which can be of use.

Combining Opposite Colors

How does arrive from contrast just like black and white colors can enforce each other. One way to use this color wheel is to combine the primary and the secondary colors so on this wheel we have red opposing green, orange opposing blue, and purple opposing yellow. A great way to create color schemes that match through certain contrast on the solid.

Practicing on the Coloring Book

Coloring is all about practicing and a great way to practice coloring is to use coloring sheets.

Decision on Form

The problem is choice. Part of the problem of coloring is choosing what part of your drawing you want to emphasize. So to make my point I’m marking the forms I want to emphasize with black markers in this example. The drawing is quite complex so I need to simplify without overdoing it and still maintain a level of detail.

Warm Vs Cold
Now that I’ve made my decisions which areas are going to be emphasized I want to use colors to emphasize the contrast be formed by creating warm and cold areas. I’ll be keeping the color wheel next to me as a reminder

When I need to execute all the preparations I’ve done so far and start coloring just because I mark the areas blue and red doesn’t mean they need to be blue and red of course they are mainly ways to indicate warm and cool contrasts like.